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We strongly advise that all of our guests review the World Health Organization recommendations for self-protection and travel health notices related to the outbreak—they can be found here.

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It was recently announced that visitor accommodation in Greece will gradually reopen starting 1 June with apartments reopening 15 June. Greece has exhibited promptness in tackling the Covid-19 spread and has managed to flatten the curve by following all necessary measures. This makes us positive we can safely welcome visitors in ourapartments in Greece, as Athina Luxury Apartments closely follows and implements EU, WHO and Greek State recommendations in cleaning, housekeeping and transfers.

Greece has been experiencing mild spread of the coronavirus. The initial lockdown has been lifted since 4th May 2020 with most shops, cafes, venues and organized beaches in Greece back in operation. Especially in comparison with the rest of the Mediterranean countries, we have managed to better confine the virus and our prompt response makes us look at the immediate future with optimism. For Greece, Summer 2020 is back on.

No, the 14-day quarantine measure for visitors traveling to Greece will not apply for visitors arriving in Greece starting 15 June. To protect the health and safety of travelers and Greek residents, random Covid-19 checks and tests will take place at Athens International Airport. This means you can freely enjoy Greek summer, safe in the knowledge that health protocols are in place, yet they do not restrict movement.

The yachting restrictions in Greece are being lifted. Initially, the Covid-19 Greece response included a restriction on all yachts and boats wishing to arrive at the country’s ports. Starting 25 May, yachting is again permitted in Greece.

Following the more relaxed measures implemented 18th May 2020, flights to Greece are being scheduled and have already started. Authorities follow updates on the spread of the virus among the Greek population and are adjusting measures accordingly. At the same time, tourist inflow and accommodation is regulated and controlled to allow for a safe vacation experience in Greece. Many airlines have already started offering flight tickets to Greece from the US, Europe and Asia.

Most quarantine measures in Greece have been lifted and the country is resuming normal day-to-day operations. Cafes, bars, shops, services, sites and venues in Greece are gradually reopening. Have a look at the following Greece opening dates:

  • Archaeological sites: 18 May
  • Yachting: 25 May
  • Open-air cinemas: 1 June
  • Open-air restaurants, cafes and bars: 1 June
  • Seasonal accommodation: 15 June
  • Museums: 15 June
  • International flights: 15 June and 1 July (depending on country of departure)
  • Open-air venues: 15 July

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