Explore Halkidiki’s most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean coast.

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Vourvourou is a must-visit resort provided at the northern end of Sithonia in Halkidiki, measuring 13 km from Agios Nikolaos. Program for home approaches with separations, approaches, approaches to prayer, required by pine-covered exhibits and exotic beaches with turquoise waters.


Sarti is a relaxed village known for its coastal promenade around a rocky bay, where bars and taverns are filled with people in the summer. The uphill roads lead to the oldest part of the city, with whitewashed houses and shops selling painted tiles and local honey.


Kavourotripes with crystal turquoise waters, with white rocks and dense pines that reach the sea. This landscape of exotic beauty and views of the imposing Mount Athos create a small earthly paradise.

Nikiti Beach

Nikiti is one of the most crowded villages of Sithonia. A combination of mountain and sea leaves the visitor to choose what they prefer. In the village there are alleys and cobbled streets that one can walk and admire the listed houses from 1830, the church of Agios Nikitas and the old school. On the beach of Nikiti there are several cafes and bars that offer a note of fun and relaxation, by the sea.

Kriaritsi Beach

The water at Kriaritsi is perfect clear and deep which means you can get some good waves, but it can also be amazingly calm. The beach drops off steeply and continues to drop off so that just 15 m off shore you can’t touch the bottom. Kriaritsi is also a great beach for windsurfing and kiteboarding or just to soak up the sun. It is a must do destination and not to be left off your Halkidiki beach list.

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